LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Seeks Support from Select Board to Save Westford Community Access TV


I would like to express how frustrated I am at the current state of affairs of WestfordCAT and enlist your assistance in immediately supporting a remediation and solution to retain funding. Within a five week period of time, the CAT Board suddenly cancelled their Holiday Open House three days before the event, cancelled the News Service, and lost two critical leadership staff members.  Allegedly, there are also rumors of legal ramifications to the rash decisions made not.  These last steps were all done suddenly, without any communication or input from  members and supporters in the community. Residents rely on WestfordCAT for their news, government streaming services, as well as community programming, and organizations have joined as WestfordCAT partners.  At this point in time, the operational plan to be able to support those MOU (memorandum of understanding) services has not been communicated, and residents want to know how those services can continue to be executed with the same professionalism and quality that we have received. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Westford Academy Graduate and UConn Sophomore Hosts STEM For Girls Program Focusing on Global Outreach

In this fifth episode, Westford Academy graduate and UConn sophomore, Serena Beri, talks about the importance of piloting STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) global outreach programs to underprivileged countries. Beri and her guests share their experiences of providing supplies, conducting robotic workshops, and teaching fundraising skills to schools in Argentina, Rwanda, India, Ghana, Kenya, and Hong Kong. Continue Reading →