CHERYL A MAJOR: You Probably Have Sugar Blues…

We all know people who struggle with mental illness… bipolar, autism, chronic depression from which I suffered for decades until I changed how I eat… can you imagine if just getting sugar out of our diets would help us cure or at the very least improve these afflictions? It worked for me. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Westford Academy Graduate and UConn Sophomore Hosts Third STEM For Girls Program

In this episode of STEM For Girls By Girls in STEM, Westford Academy graduate and UConn Sophomore, Serena Beri, focuses on First Robotic Competitions for high schoolers, the steps needed to build life size robots, and how various sub teams work together to complete a project. She also speaks with an Olin College of Engineering junior on how robotics has helped this former FRC Devil Bots Team Captain in her electrical engineering major. Continue Reading →

Pending Legislation Would Give Special Education Parent Advisory Councils a Non-Voting Seat on Local School Committees

State Rep. James Arciero recently joined members of the Westford and Chelmsford Special Education Parent Advisory Councils (SEPACs) to testify in support of legislation to giving SEPACs a non-voting seat on local school committees and to give parents and special education students a greater voice in local education. Continue Reading →

MRT Presents Cambodian Rock Band

Merrimack Repertory Theatre (MRT) will present the East Coast Premiere of Cambodian Rock Band by Lauren Yee, directed by Marti Lyons and featuring the songs of Dengue Fever, Sinn Sisamouth, Voy Ho, and Rose Serey Sothea, from October 16 to November 10 at the Nancy L. Donahue Theatre, according to Executive Director Bonnie J. Butkas and Interim Artistic Director Terry Berliner. Continue Reading →