Firefighters Go From Exit 32 to Littleton to Chelmsford and Back to Find Reported Car Fire

The following are excerpts from the Westford Fire Department Fire Department log from May 26 to June 1.

May 26, 12:54 p.m. – Three units were dispatched to Equestrian Way for a reported car fire. The reported fire was inside the engine of a vehicle in the area, which was quickly extinguished.

May 29, 2:21 p.m. –  An investigation on Boutwell Hill Road was requested after reports of suspicious dark smoke from a chimney. The smoke was determined to be from a defective oil burner.

May 31, 7:42 p.m – A fire alarm on Pleasant Street was found to be a false alarm due to a faulty smoke detector.

June 1, 1:58 p.m. – Westford first responders were dispatched after reports of a car on fire south of Boston Road on 495 Southbound.

However, there was no car fitting the description found in that area. The search continued as the dispatched crew turned around at Exit 31 in Littleton and checked 495 Northbound as well.

The crew turned again at Exit 33 in Chelmsford, turning onto 495 Southbound again heading back to Westford.

Just as before they arrived at Exit 32, the reported car was discovered, although it was not on fire.