New Boston Road Tenant Will Not Share Lease Information With Selectmen

CNS Mustard Seed owner Nancy Morton has declined to provide a copy of her lease at the former site of Drew Gardens and Eric’s on Boston Road following a showdown at Tuesday’s Board of Selectmen meeting.

The meeting was specially called for the sake of potentially creating a task force that would determine a potential town purchase of the property as well as any actions that may need to be taken regarding the large piles of compost on the property.

Although Morton said during last week’s Board of Selectmen meeting that she would provide a copy of her lease with landlord Tom Goddard one day after the meeting, she declined to do so, citing negative comments she had received in relation to news accounts of the compost piles and fears that releasing the lease would increase bad publicity on her business.

Board of Selectmen chairwoman Andrea Peraner-Sweet told Morton that the issue of the piles was an issue unrelated to her business and that the lease was needed in order to ascertain potential next steps on what to do with the property.

Morton also said that she was unable to make contact for a hearing with the Planning Board on the issue, a claim that Town Manager Jodi Ross found unlikely.

According to Peraner-Sweet, hopes of a potential café on the property within the new business site were also impossible due to the current agricultural restriction on the land, which could not be removed by the Planning Board.

Following the exchange, the board tabled its expected action on the task force, pending additional information.

The town has a right of first refusal on any sale of the land due to an agricultural restriction on the property. While the property has not yet been sold, it has been on the market since this winter.

All attempts to reach Goddard’s attorney since December have not been returned according to Ross’ accounts during the meeting.

A GIS map made by the Town of Westford showing where the piles are located at the CNS Mustard property.

A GIS map made by the Town of Westford showing where the piles are located at the CNS Mustard property.