Westford Academy Student Attacks Paramedics, Nearly Drives Into Telephone Poles, During Marijuana Incident

The following information was provided by the Westford Police Department.

May 29, 9:22 p.m. – En route to a medical emergency to an officer was informed to reroute to a motor vehicle near his location on Depot Street reported driving erratically.

According to reports, the vehicle swerved across Brookside Road, Lowell Road, Providence Road and Depot Street, almost hitting a telephone pole on two separate occasions.

Near the corner of Depot and Main streets, the officer saw the vehicle, a white Acura, pull into Woolsack Drive. The officer stopped the driver, a young girl who had stopped her vehicle and completely ignored the officer as he shined a flashlight into her face.

The officer needed to knock on the driver’s window twice before she paid attention to him, needing to knock on the window a third time before rolling the window down.

According to the officer’s report, the girl appeared nervous with enlarged pupils.

The officer asked for the girl’s license and registration, leading to the woman putting the wallet on her lap, staring at it for a few seconds, fumbling through it, and then providing the license, after which she engaged in a prolonged stare at the officer.

The officer then asked again for the registration, noticing that the girl had an open bottle of Frank’s Red Hot sauce with a straw in the cupholder of the vehicle as she attempted to obtain it.

She offered the registration and the officer asked if she was okay. She whispered “yes” in response, eventually saying she was returning from a friend’s house, but did not drink any alcohol.

According to the officer’s report, at this point the girl appeared lethargic and despondent, now just staring straight ahead. She would not answer a question from the officer what grade she was in, but did answer where the Red Hot came from (it belonged to a friend) and where the friend’s house was (Moore Road.)

By this point, another officer was on the scene. The first officer asked the girl to turn off her vehicle, which was ignored. The second officer reached into the vehicle, momentarily enraging the girl before she became despondent again.

At this point, a certified drug expert and paramedics were heading to the scene as the girl attempted to vomit, which she eventually did on the street.

Shortly after this, the owner of the vehicle, the girl’s mother, called the girl’s cell phone. The girl grabbed the phone before police could obtain it, answering and requesting that the owner come to the scene.

Upon arrival, paramedics attempted to treat the girl, which led to her physically attacking them before she could be placed on a stretcher.

A search of her vehicle led to the discovery of a pipe used for drugs and a large hollow crayon holding seven empty ripped baggies believed to have held narcotics at one point. Also inside the vehicle was a bottle of Tylenol and Excedrin pills.

A few minutes later, the girl’s mother and her fiancée and the girl’s older brother arrived on scene to help calm down the girl. The brother told officers this behavior was unusual for the girl, a student at Westford Academy.

The mother left with the vehicle and officers went to girl’s previously reported location on Moore Road, finding several of the girl’s friends who said they had been with her since the end of the school day.

At approximately 7 p.m., the girl and her friends went to a house on Groton Road where they reportedly smoked marijuana, but no other narcotics. They indicated the girl’s behavior was unusual, but did not believe the marijuana was laced with another substance.

Later that evening, officers found other teenagers on Indian Ridge Terrace who were with the girl on Groton Road, confirming the marijuana was not tampered with, and stating that the teenagers did not have adult supervision while at the Groton Road residence.

Over the next few days, police were able to follow up with the girl, who was released from medical care without incident. She was issued a citation for an offense redacted in police reports.