Police Track Trail of Blood From Miller School to Fletcher’s Quarry

The following information was provided by the Westford Police Department. Anyone arrested is assume innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law.

June 10, 6:18 p.m. – A woman talked to an officer at Westford Plaza after she believed a man on a bike tried to open her trunk while driving.

She believed the incident occurred on Littleton Road as she was heading onto Boston Road. She described the man as in his 50s, and wearing all black with a hat on.

The officer found a man fitting the description at the intersection of Powers and Littleton road later, but the man said that the woman had cut him off and he had partially hit her trunk, although he was able to avoid a serious collision. There was no damage to his bike.

Then the officer talked to the woman again. She said this may have been the case and would be more careful with bicyclists in the future, but she did not cut the man off.

June 17, 9:39 a.m. – While on patrol, an officer spotted a puddle of blood and several blood stained napkins in the parking lot of the Miller School.

Upon further investigation, a trail of blood trailing off from the puddle led to the Fletcher Quarry behind the school.

Another officer joined the officer on the scene to track the trail to a low laying rock area near the water at the quarry.

According to reports, the blood trail appeared to be left by a tall individual.

Both officers speculated that the individual jumped into the water from a higher vantage point, injuring themselves in the process, followed by a retreat to the parking lot.

The Westford Fire Department HAZMAT team was dispatched to clean up the blood. The individual was not found.

June 20, 9:22 a.m. – Police aided paramedics at Cumberland Farms after a construction worker was receiving aid for a laceration.

The construction worker was cutting tubing from a sprinkler system for the ongoing Minot’s Corner project.

Paramedics brought the man to an unspecified hospital; officers contacted OSHA about the incident.