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Cops Catch Underaged ATV Operators Near Railroad Tracks

The following information was provided by the Westford Police Department. Anyone arrested is assumed innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law.

July 14, 1:11 p.m. – An elderly woman arrived at the police station to report an ongoing argument with another elderly person in her building.

The dispute arose after the other elderly person invited their three-year-old grandson to stay in their apartment, with the grandson making noises throughout the night, which could be heard through the wall.

That led the elderly woman to ask the neighbor for a reduction of that noise, which in turn led to animosity.

An officer on the scene advised the woman about getting a harassment prevention order if the elderly woman wanted one. Ultimately, she just wanted to file a report for the record.

July 15, 7:48 p.m. – An anonymous individual reported several ATVs driving along areas near Grey Fox Lane and Stony Brook Road.

Two officers investigated the area of Stony Brook Road near the railroad tracks, noticing the tire marks of the vehicles heading east along the railroad tracks.

One of the officers drove along the tire tracks, eventually seeing three ATV operators heading toward him, informing the other officer and a third officer he had spotted the vehicles.

The officer called for a tow truck and began to talk to the operators.

All three operators did not have a license, and although they were underage, none of them had taken safety courses according to reports. One said that he did not own the ATV he was driving.

The three operators were issued citations and their parents were called to give them a ride home to Lowell Road. The vehicles themselves were towed.

July 16, 11:51 a.m. – A woman came into the police station after a man called two hours earlier, claiming to be from the IRS.

The caller, who was described as having a heavy Indian accent, began to yell at the woman and said she had not paid taxes for six years and would send several federal agents to her house if she did not send money immediately.

While the woman tried to ask the caller questions about the charges, the caller became irritated and told her she had 45 minutes to go to a bank and withdraw $5,400, which was to be placed into an “IT voucher” at CVS or Rite Aid.

The caller said he would wait on hold until this was done, at which point he would drive to the parking lot of either CVS or Rite Aid to pick up the money.

At this point the woman told the caller that she would go to the bank, but instead went straight to the police, leaving the caller on hold.

The woman allowed the officer to take the caller off hold, with the caller identifying himself as “Officer Elaine Parker of the IRS.”

Parker demanded to speak with the woman, but the officer informed Parker that he or she was conducting a scam, which led to yelling shortly before Parker hung up.

The woman was advised to block further calls from the number.