New Korean Restaurant Begins Renovations at Former Westford Grille

Here’s a recap of some permits, certificates and other things requested at town hall over the past week.

New Tenant Moves In At Westford Plaza

Wild Birds Unlimited officially moved in on Aug. 6.

Remember The Kitchen on Connell Drive?

Last week, there were a few permits requested for a new kitchen-based business on Connell Drive, and this week that business, Chickadee Farm, got a business certificate.

Construction Underway On New Korean Restaurant

We spotted a permit on the door of the former Westford Grille, briefly converted to Mangia Mangia. Renovations there began this week for Seoul Kitchen, which obtained the Mangia Mangia liquor license in February.

Applications are being submitted for the manager position there, which will be a sister restaurant to Sapporo in Westborough.