Rangoli Grill

Thank You To The Rangoli Grill and GP Homestay!

You might have noticed we’ve got two new sponsors: GP Homestay and Rangoli Grill!

Gulshan Kumar of the Rangoli Grill from October 2013

Gulshan Kumar of the Rangoli Grill from October 2013

For anyone who hasn’t gone to the Rangoli Grill, the best way to describe it is if Subway or Chipotle had Indian food. Quick, customizable, fresh: a great alternative for lunches or dinners when you want fast food that’s good food and unique too.

Check them out at www.rangoligrill.com or in person at Cornerstone Square!

And for anyone that didn’t see our article on GP Homestay, here’s the long and short of it: earlier this year Westford Academy announced that the Cambridge Institute would be their new partner to bring over foreign exchange students.

GP Homestay’s job is to find host families for those students, and they want your help GP Homestayhousing those students and they want to pay for that help.

So, if you’ve got some space, got some kids who want to make lifelong friends from a foreign land, and you’ve got a car and some time to help show America to a foreign teenager, GP Homestay wants to hear from you!

Give them a call at 781-996-0429, send us an email at [email protected]

You can also get more info at gphomestay.com

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