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Fired Regency Employee Allegedly Threatens Managers On The Way Out

The following information was provided by the Westford Police Department. Anyone arrested is assumed innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law.

Aug. 11, 10:27 a.m. – An officer was dispatched to a Chili’s after reports of a man who had pulled a gun out of his car’s trunk.

Upon further inspection, the gun was a pellet loading replica of a Springfield Model 1911. The man was identified as old enough to purchase and possess a pellet gun.

The man was advised not to display items that could be construed as weapons in public places. No further action was taken.

Aug. 16, 9:35 a.m. – Police reported to the Westford Regency after a terminated employee refused to leave the property.

Upon the officer’s arrival, three supervisors said that the employee had just left and had been fired for insubordination.

The supervisors said that the employee had threatened to lead an employee walkout after becoming infuriated with an issue not described in the report.

Although the supervisors asked the employee to calm down, the employee used several expletives at the supervisors, telling one to “watch her back.”

No charges were filed, but the supervisors requested a no trespassing order be issued upon the employee and that any documents containing customer information be retrieved from the employee.

They also requested the officer’s assistance to ascertain the employees hours before termination so he could receive a final paycheck.

Officers were unable to contact the employee at his official address, but the employee eventually called the officer back disputing that he threatened anyone, but admitting he was loud.

He was advised not to return to the Regency and make arrangements by phone to return the files and provide any information needed.

Aug. 17, 9:38 p.m. – An officer was dispatched to the Crisafulli School after reports of several teenagers gathering and making noise on the property.

The officer saw three vehicles parked near the school’s basketball courts, with several teenagers nearby.

According to reports, the group consisted of six females and one male who stated they were playing on playground equipment and talking.

Nothing suspicious was observed, although the officer advised the teenagers that town property closes at dusk and they would have to leave. They understood and leave the area.