Superintendent Judith Klimkiewicz (courtesy Dan Phelps)

Nashoba Tech Reports Bond Rating Upgrade


Nashoba Technical High School has learned its long-term bond rating now graded by Moody’s Investors Service as Aa1, up from Aa2.

This rating puts Nashoba Tech in the Prime-1 category for short-term ratings, meaning it has the “best ability to repay short-term debt.”

Moody’s listed as Nashoba Tech’s strengths its strong financial performance, resulting in an above-average General Fund reserve position, and the district’s low debt burden.

Superintendent Judith Klimkiewicz (courtesy Dan Phelps)

Superintendent Judith Klimkiewicz (courtesy Dan Phelps)

“We are most fortunate that our business practices have been recognized by Moody’s as being of the highest caliber,” said Nashoba Tech Superintendent Dr. Judith L. Klimkiewicz. “One of the significant statements is that they said we’re not just managed responsibly fiscally, but that the whole facility is managed responsibly.”

Klimkiewicz believes Nashoba Tech is now the second-highest-rated school district in Massachusetts by Moody’s, trailing only Concord-Carlisle.

Among the strengths in the Moody’s report included a low debt burden, above-average general fund reserves and strong socio-economic indicators.

The school’s limited potential for enrollment growth stood as a potential weakness, although the report noted that the school had been growing, with a 10.4 percent increase in from Fiscal Year 2009 to 2014.





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