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Landscaper Alleges His Bounced Checks At Dr. Mulch Were Due To Ex-Wife

The following information was provided by the Westford Police Department. Anyone arrested is assumed innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law.

Sept. 2, 4:20 p.m. – An officer was dispatched to Westford Nursing and Rehab for what was described as one of the residents threatening a roommate.

An employee said that the resident had been very rude to other staff members and other residents, but that no threats had been made.

The resident denied he had been rude, the officer asked the resident not to be rude.

21Jul14 Westford Police LogoSept. 2, 1:47 p.m. – An officer was dispatched to Dr. Mulch for reports of a larceny by check.

An employee advised the officer that a representative of a company called “New England Back Yards” allegedly had paid for wood chips and bank mulch with checks on a closed account on separate occasions.

The checks in total were for approximately $450, and the Dr. Mulch employee asked for help to get the money back.

In response, the officer said that he would aid the employee if the debt was not settled in a timely manner and that he would attempt to speak with the representative.

Eventually the officer found the representative working in a yard nearby.

Upon being advised of the situation, the representative denied that the account had been closed and that the issue was likely due to divorce proceedings, with his ex-wife likely closing the account without his knowledge.

The officer then told the representative the owed money within 48 hours or he would receive a summons to Ayer District Court.

He understood and agreed to pay within a day.

The officer called Dr. Mulch the next day, but the representative had not paid. Police couldn’t reach the representative.

There was another call the next day after the debt still had not been paid, with the officer leaving a message that the matter would turn into a criminal investigation if the matter was not resolved by Sept. 7.

On Sept. 7, the officer informed the employee that Westford Police would pursue two counts of larceny by check against the representative after the debt had still not been paid. The officer later left another message to the representative stating this.

The representative called the officer back on Sept. 9 stating he had been in a motor vehicle crash, which caused him to be unable to pay the debt and that he did not have enough money to pay the debt.

In response, the officer said the he did not believe the representative as the ex-wife’s name was not on the bounced checks, but the representative still stated the account was a joint account that the ex-wife closed without his knowledge.

The officer said he would further investigation the allegations, but that he would be summonsed into Ayer District Court, at which point the call abruptly dropped and the representative did not call back.

The next morning, the officer confirmed with the representative’s bank that the representative was the only person authorized on that account and it had been closed in January.

Sept. 5, 7:54 p.m. – A woman on Stony Brook Road was upset about a neighbor making what was described as “banging noises” while on her property.

The officer touched base with the neighbor, who said he was checking on a Jeep he wanted to purchase from the neighbor, with the officer saying the neighbor could not be on the property without permission.

The neighbor understood and apologized saying he had been friendly with the neighbors and took care of their lawn, but the officer said he could not go back onto the property without permission.

He said he understood.

The woman said she did not want any further action taken.