(Credit - Alex Starr cc by-sa 2.0 license)

No Student Injuries Reported In Unusual Bus Accident

On Wednesday, an unexpected dangerous situation involving a school bus ended without significant problems.

While driving down Old Lowell Road, a bus driver carrying Crisafulli School students suddenly had a medical incident, leaving the driver incapacitated.

Although the bus suffered minor damage, no students were injured and paramedics were able to assist the driver.

Under Westford School Department policy, a driver is expected to call 911 following a school bus accident, but in this case a student calmly called the authorities and helped fellow students out the back of the bus, with a nearby family providing their lawn to serve as a waiting area for the students until police and paramedics could arrive on the scene.

According to Westford School Department Superintendent Bill Olsen, there was nothing that could have forewarned of the incident, and it was the first time in his 29 years in education that he had dealt with such an event.

Olsen and Dee Bus Company representative Renee Dee informed parents of students only minutes after the incident occurred, dispatching another bus to the location to pick up the students.

Under Massachusetts State Law, any individual with a commercial driver’s license who becomes unconscious while driving must wait six months before driving again. However, Olsen indicated to WestfordCAT News that a replacement has been provided by Dee Bus Company to provide uninterrupted service.

NOTE: Due to ethical concerns, WestfordCAT did not request the name of the driver due to privacy concerns.