Articles 3 and 5 Will Be Dismissed From Special Town Meeting

In a statement released on Friday morning, Town Manager Jodi Ross indicated that the Board of Selectmen will vote to dismiss Articles 3 and 5 from the Special Town Meeting warrant.

Article 5, a request by the Board of Health to purchase two storage trailers for Emergency Shelters and Emergency Response Supplies will be dismissed as the Board of Health acquired unexpected grant funding.

The Board of Health discussed the grant funding at their Oct. 5 meeting, which can be seen here. This discussion occurred between 44:39 and 45:01 marks in the video.

Article 3 was a placeholder for any Fiscal Year 2016 budget transfers, although none are needed at this time.

Here are the recommendation votes for the other articles, indicating votes supporting the articles, followed by opposing votes and abstentions.

Article Selectmen Finance Committee Planning Board
Article 1: Approve Unpaid Bills from Previous Fiscal Years 7-0-0
Article 2: Approve Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Adjustments 4-0-0 7-0-0
Article 4: Appropriate to the Stablization Fund 7-0-0
Article 6: Reduce Amount Raised by Taxes in Fiscal Year 2016 4-0-0 7-0-0
Article 7: Approve Community Preservation Committee Recommendations 6-1-0
Article 8: ADA Compliant Sidewalks on a Portion of Main Street (Citizens’ Petition) 1-3-0 2-4-1
Article 9: Authorize Board of Selectmen to Accept Easement on Depot Street 4-0-0
Article 10: Authoritze Board of Selectmen to Acquire by Gift a Vacant Parcel of Land Located off of 64 Main Street and Transfer Said Parcel from Board of Selectmen to Conservation Commission 4-0-0
Arcticle 11: Accept Aldrich Lane as Public Way 4-0-0 7-0-0 4-0-0

Special Town Meeting will be held on Monday, Oct. 19 in the Abbot School Gymnasium.

The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. and will be televised live by WestfordCAT.