New Nashoba Tech AD Looks For Wins On And Off The Field

For Bob Callahan, building winning teams is important, but building the character of student-athletes perhaps even more of a priority.

Bob Callahan (courtesy - Dan Phelps)

Bob Callahan (courtesy – Dan Phelps)

Callahan was named as Nashoba Valley Technical High School’s athletic director in September and hopes to add more banners to the Nashoba Tech gym, including another Colonial Athletic League Sportsmanship Award

Under his tenure, all student-athletes are required to perform community service to show their commitment to positive values.

“It’s important for our student-athletes to be good on the field,” said Callahan, a Dracut resident. “They’re good sportsmen on the field, but now they can take it off the field and outside the building.”

When it comes to coaches, Callahan also expects a focus on positive values as well.

“Winning is not what I’m looking for first. I want to help them build their résumés, either for their professional goals or for college, help build their sportsmanship, get them working as teammates and build their overall character,” he said.”I expect a lot out of my coaches and not one has let me down yet.”

In addition to previously coaching hockey at Dracut High School for 10 years, Callahan also worked previously as a kindergarten physical-education teacher in Lawrence and also taught at the Devereaux School, a school in western Massachusetts for students with behavioral and developmental disorders.

Now he serves as an algebra and geometry teacher at Nashoba Tech in addition to his athletic director duties and operates CalStar Sports Camps in Dracut, a facility that offers all-day camps in various sports for young children.

And to top it off, he’s the parent of two toddlers and is pursuing a second Master’s degree.

However, this things aren’t likely to slow down anytime soon for Callahan.

This winter, Nashoba Tech restarts its wrestling program for the first time in the decade. Also, a new tennis program will begin in the spring following a recent $3 million makeover of the athletic facilities that brought new tennis courts to the school.

More updates on Nashoba Tech Athletics are available at the Nashoba Tech Athletic Department Twitter handle, @NVTHSAthletics.