Intoxicated Westford Regency Guest Removed After Showing People His Injured Abdomen

The following information came from the Westford Police Department

Nov. 9, 5:17 p.m. – An officer was dispatched to Hyacinth Drive after a resident reported a suspicious person in their backyard.

Upon arrival, the officer learned that the suspicious person was a man raking leaves for the resident.

When asked why the man was raking without any lights on, the man said he texted the resident to turn the lights on for him.

It was confirmed that the man was allowed at the residence.

Nov. 13, 10:15 a.m. – Police were dispatched to the Westford Regency after reports of an intoxicated man being a nuisance to others.

The intoxicated man was a guest of the hotel and was apparently showing others an injury he obtained on his abdomen.

Employees of the hotel asked the man to stop his behavior, but the man just ignored the employees.

Police informed the man he needed to leave the premises and that the hotel staff would refund money paid for the evening of his stay.

Nov. 16, 1:08 p.m. –  A man asked for legal advice after his son was harassed by an ex-wife over pending legal issues.

The man told police that the ex-wife allegedly posed as two “attractive women” in order to lure his son into a position that would be legally disadvantageous.

Officers told the man that this was a civil matter and he should seek legal counsel.