Village View Road Man Gets “Aggressive” Text From South Carolina Organization

The following came from the Westford Police Department. Anyone arrested is innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law.

Dec. 31, 10:57 a.m. – Several calls were made to police about a motor vehicle accident on Littleton Road involving a Mercury Sable and an Acura.

Both were facing westbound, there was heavy damage to the driver’s side portion of the Acura.

The driver of the Acura was still inside the vehicle and not moving upon the officer’s arrival. Both airbags had deployed and the fire department was attempting to remove him from the vehicle.

He was breathing and no signs of external trauma were present.

The driver of the Mercury said he was travelling eastbound and the Acura pulled out of Cornerstone Square abruptly, hitting the Mercury and causing it to spin. A witness said they saw the Acura stop before entering Littleton Road.

The driver of the Mercury was issued a warning.

Dec. 31, 12:33 p.m. – One person from Village View Road came to the lobby of the Westford Police Station about potential identity fraud.

The person said he tried to post an item on Craig’s List for $450 and received a check for $1,950. The address on the envelope possessing the check was from Kernersville, NC and the check was from a bank in South Carolina.

The bank account was from a community care facility in South Carolina and the Village View Road man received an “aggressive” text asking the check be deposited immediately.

Police contacted the person making the text and they also contacted the community care facility to let them know that someone was sending likely fraudulent checks on their behalf. The facility said they had seen several other incidents like this and asked that the check be destroyed.

However, the check was sent back to the bank in South Carolina at the bank’s request in order to investigate who might have sent the check.

Jan. 1, 3:07 a.m. – Two officers were dispatched to West Prescott Street after an issue with two neighbors.

The first neighbor lives right below the other one and the two were allegedly yelling at each other.

The upstairs neighbor talked with the officers, saying he had been woken up due to what he thought was a very loud music video on a nearby television.

The upstairs neighbor banged on the walls to inform the neighbors they were making too much noise, at which point the downstairs neighbor said “if you want to talk to me, come outside.”

Then the officers talked to the downstairs neighbor, who said he was on his couch watching a movie with his wife, indicating that the upstairs neighbor was shouting obscenities through the floor.

The officer advised both neighbors on steps they could take if future incidents occurred. No lingering anger between the neighbors was indicated in the report.