Westford House of Pizza Gets Early Lead In Pizza Tournament

Cheese_and_Pepperoni_Pizza_(4825046245)The first week of our tournament will narrow down the field to the top eight pizza places in town and also determine who will be going against who in the brackets of our tournament.

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The Preliminary Round ends on March 13. In case of a tie, whoever has the lowest priced pizza pie on March 13 will be declared as the winner.
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March 9 Update

Westford House of Pizza is out to a big lead for the first seed in our quarterfinals, but it’s not an insurmountable lead by any means, particularly if a few folks who follow WestfordCAT on social media or our free newsletters decide to vote. If you haven’t followed us yet, check the links above! Here’s the scores so far.

Westford House of Pizza – 98

Papa Gino’s – 32

British Beer Company – 5

Evviva Cucina – 4

Silver Palate – 2

Nashoba House of Pizza – 2

All others – 0