Dreams For Main Street Muffin Shop Come To An End

It’s still not clear what will go into the first floor of 40 Main St., but it now is clear that it won’t be a muffin shop.

Main Street resident Ellen Harde announced over the weekend that she has ended her plans to purchase the mixed-use historic building across from her home.

Over the past several months, Harde has undertaken steps to open a muffin store on the first floor of the building, tentatively titled “Muffins on Main.”

Harde and her husband Mike signed an agreement to purchase the building last fall, with two contingencies.

40 Main St.

40 Main St.

The first contingency include approval from the town to use the two first floor retail units for one-bedroom apartments in case the restaurant did not flourish.

Harde was successful in obtaining assistance from the Zoning Board of Appeals on this as well as a variance regarding parking spaces as well.

She also obtained approval for a permit relating to water usage from the Board of Health.

However, she was unable to obtain financing for the purchase and sale amount for the property after a January 2016 appraisal came in lower than expected, leading to a breakdown on a feasible selling price, which was not released to the public.

“We were so close,” said Harde in the announcement. “It would have been so much fun.”

The business would have taken over what once was recently the location of the Fashion Truck on Main.