Evviva Cucina and BBC Lead Midway Through Pizza Semifinals

And now it’s down to four.

Cheese_and_Pepperoni_Pizza_(4825046245)Each of the semifinalists got through the quarterfinals easily; will there be closer outcomes this time, or more blowouts? It’s up to you!

Here are the matchups. To vote, click here.

(#5) Evviva Cucina vs. (#1) Westford House of Pizza

(#2) British Beer Company vs. (#3) Nashoba House of Pizza

We’ll have updates throughout the week. For more on the contest so far, click here.

March 24 Update

Halfway through the week, Evviva Cucina holds a narrow 188-143 lead over Westford House of Pizza, while British Beer Company is looking for a blowout against Nashoba House of Pizza, leading that contest 238-92.

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