F.A.M.E. Presenting Music Matters Dinner Dance In April

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According to research conducted in 2015, 83% of teachers and 73% of parents do not see music in the schools as a luxury, and believe cuts are detrimental to student success. Studies have also shown that students that are involved in music programs are not only more likely to graduate from high school, but go on to college.

(courtesy - Kathleen Bernard)

(courtesy – Kathleen Bernard)

In other words, Music Matters.

That is why this year’s F.A.M.E. (Friends Advancing Music Education) has chosen the theme of “Music Matters” for their annual dinner dance being held Friday, April 15, at the Westford Regency. Tickets are $55 and are on sale now at www.westford.com/fame. The night includes a buffet dinner, dancing, raffles, and music provided by Westford Academy and Westford middle school student musicians.

“Families who are involved in music programs see the benefits first hand”, according to Ron Gagnon, President of the organization. “To have quantifiable research helps further the cause. It’s not just about being a better musician, it is about students being more successful in all of their academics and their lives as a whole.”

CAT FAMEddposter2016To reinforce this, research has shown that students involved in high quality music programs, score higher on standardized tests than students in deficient music programs. This is regardless of socioeconomic level of the school. For more information about research on “Music Matters” : www.nammfoundation.org

This is the 17th year of the F.A.M.E. dinner dance which drew over 180 attendees last year. Opportunities for sponsorships, auction donations and advertising in the program are available by contacting Ron Gagnon at 978‐430‐4358.

F.A.M.E., a 501 C (3) volunteer organization, has been supporting music education at all grade levels of Westford Public Schools since 1983.  F.A.M.E. ensures opportunities for both music teachers and students to enrich their educational environment through a variety of music endeavors. For more information: www.westford.com/fame

Tickets, $55, and are on sale now at westford.com/fame. For more information, email [email protected] or call 978­692­7397.