Man Talks To Westford Police After Scam Involving Fake Underaged Internet Dating

The following came from the Westford Police Department.

Feb. 2, 8:29 p.m. – A man came into the Westford Police Station saying he was being blackmailed by someone.

The man said he met a girl on, a dating website. The girl initially indicated that she was 18, and the man and the girl began to exchange messages.

Eventually, the girl asked to meet the man and the two sent each other explicit pictures. They agreed to meet, but at this point the girl said she was actually only 15 years old.

Upon learning this, the man cancelled the meeting. In response, the girl said she was turning 16 in two weeks.

This was enough for the man, who agreed again to meet the girl. They set a time and date and soon afterward the man received a phone call.

The phone call came from a man who identified himself as the father of the girl and said he suffered an anxiety attack after seeing the messages the two sent to each other.

He wanted the man to pay for at least $750 in medical bills related to the anxiety attack or he would contact the authorities. The man said he would send the father a check, but the father wanted two separate MoneyGram transfers.

At this point, the man began to believe both the girl and the father were not who they said they were.

Although the girl and father indicated they were from Worcester, the phone number of the father came from Columbia, South Carolina.

Worcester Police had no records of the individuals.

The officer tried to call the father back at the number provided by the man. The father quickly hung up and the officer called again, indicating to the father that the call was disconnected. At this point the father said his attorney would call the officer again tomorrow, at which point the father hung up again.

In response to this, the officer told the man that he believed it was all a scam. However, he also indicated that detectives would continue investigating the matter and if he had in fact given explicit pictures to someone who was actually an under aged female, he would be prosecuted.

Feb. 11, 7:04 p.m. – An officer was dispatched for a call regarding a motor vehicle crash in the Burton’s Grill parking lot.

Upon arriving in the parking lot, the officer spotted a red Acura with damage to its left rear taillight.

The owner of the Acura said that he was rear ended by another vehicle, a Ford Explorer. The Ford owner began to provide information for his vehicle, but then said he had to abruptly leave.

At this point, the officer returned to his vehicle and learned the Ford owner had a suspended license and lived in Littleton.

With support from the Littleton Police Department, the Ford owner was contacted. She was informed that she had a suspended license and the officer requested she come to the police station. She said she could not. At this point, the officer said a citation would be mailed to her.

Feb. 16, 10:00 p.m. – An officer was dispatched to Depot Street after a motorist told police that a dark vehicle was tailgating her and using its high beams.

The alleged tailgating vehicle’s owner was found near the corner of Depot and Nutting Roads. That motorist was advised to be more careful, but no infractions were spotted by the officer.

Then the officer found the motorist who called police. She pulled over on Butternut Road.

The officer told the motorist that a verbal warning had been given.