Mangiaratti Named Deputy TM In Andover


John Mangiaratti in front of the Town Farm building.

Late on Monday night, Westford Assistant Town Manager John Mangiaratti accepted a job as Deputy Town Manager for the Town of Andover.

A posting for the position was posted on Tuesday on the town’s website.

A statement from Mangiaratti regarding the news was not immediately available, although Mangiaratti told WestfordCAT News that a statement would be coming soon.

UPDATE: Mangiaratti has released the following statement to WestfordCAT News.

“I am honored to have been able to serve as Assistant Town Manager for the town  of Westford for nearly six years.  I am very thankful to Town Manager Jodi Ross and the Board of Selectmen for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this organization as a part of many important projects and initiatives.  Jodi has been a great influence on my career and I am grateful for her mentorship and support.  I have enjoyed working closely with our excellent department heads, dedicated employees, and tireless volunteers.  I am excited about my new position in Andover and I am also looking forward to contributing to this community in new ways as a resident.”