Navajo Terrace Man Allegedly Beats Dog

The following came from the Westford Police Department.

Feb. 6, 9:54 a.m. – An officer responded after reports of a man allegedly beating a dog in the middle of Navajo Terrace.

The officer met up with a woman who saw the alleged incident, saying the man was laying on the ground and beating the dog, which appeared to be a black terrier of some sort.

According to the woman, the man had beaten the dog in the past, but this was by far the worst incident she had seen.

At this point, the officer went to the house of the man, who was wearing a white t-shirt covered in blood. The man invited the officer into the home and said he did not need medical attention.

The officer noticed some blood on the walls and asked where it had come from. After the man showed that he did not have any cuts or bruises on his chest, the officer assumed the bloody shirt and the blood stains came from the holding the dog to his chest.

Additionally, the man said he recently had consumed alcohol, as the man’s speech was somewhat slurred.

The officer saw the dog, who appeared happy, but was also shaking. The dog had an eye that was completely red.

At this point the officer asked the man if he had struck the dog, and he said he had not. He also indicated that his neighbors did not understand his training methods due to cultural differences.

The officer called animal control for assistance and advised the man that he would receive a summons to appear for charges of alleged animal cruelty.

The animal was taken for veterinary treatment.

Feb. 11, 2:55 p.m. – Police were dispatched to a housing complex on Carlisle Road after a reported incident in a nearby parking lot.

The woman who called the police said she was waiting for her daughter to get off the school bus. A neighbor was also waiting with her, the neighbor had a son coming off the school bus.

As the two children came off the school bus, a driver almost hit the two children as he sped down the road. One of the parents had to push their child out of the way to avoid being hit by the car.

The driver drove into the parking lot and began smiling at the parents, who in return yelled at the driver.

After talking to the parent, the officer then talked to the driver, who said she was not speeding and that the parents were standing in the middle of the parking lot’s entrance, making it difficult to avoid them. A passenger driving with the driver confirmed this.

No further action was taken.

Feb. 17, 11:20 a.m. – A manager at Cumberland Farms called police after discovering that a customer with a fault credit card was able to obtain $24 of gas without technically paying for it.

A day later, the owner of the car was discovered and apologized for the incident, saying he did not realize the error occurred. He returned and paid for the gas.