New on WestfordCAT: Golf Lessons, Shadow Boxing and Shtick

Here’s a quick look at some recent new productions now airing on WestfordCAT!

You can check them out on WestfordCAT’s YouTube Channel, at as well as on your TV (Channels 8,9 and 99 for Comcast, Channels 33,34 and 35 for Verizon – listings are available at

And if you’d like to produce a show and you’re a Westford resident, we want to hear from you! For more information, e-mail [email protected]

Ed Cohen Variety Show – Episode 10: “Shtick and Stuff”

Ed Cohen ep 10Welcome back sports fans! Another exciting episode of The Ed Cohen Variety Show comes to you, no strings attached! Today, Ed had a Skype interview with Chief Meteorologist Chikage Windler of KEYE TV in Austin, TX, and also read some homemade shtick. Barry performed two wonderful songs, one instrumental. Niki gave a fantastic show review, and also read a climate review written by one of our sponsors.

Round Roudy Gets A Golf Lesson

golfOn this edition of Round Roudy, golf pro Barry Bruce comes on and gives the Roudenbush Community Center’s Ellen Wright and Donna Deschenes a few tips.

Bruce also holds lessons in association with Roudenbush, you can register for them at

30 Minutes: Den Poitras Shadowbox Artist

poitrasPatty Stocker is back with an all-new 30 Minutes.

In this episode, artist, musician, and writer Den Poitras shares his unique style of shadowbox art and reveals what drives him to create such interesting and vibrant pieces from recycled and found materials.