News From Blanchard, Robinson, Stony Brook and Crisafulli Schools

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Blanchard Middle School News 

Blanchard is proud to announce that the Blanchard will be sending 16 students to perform in the Eastern District Music Festival this upcoming March at Lincoln-Sudbury High School. Close to 1000 students from the Eastern District auditioned and only 472 were accepted to perform in the band, chorus, and orchestra ensembles. Congratulations to the following students chosen to participate in this highly competitive music festival: Emma Brazinski, Jamie Cheng, Nora Culver, Shannon Fletcher, Joseph Gu, Leo Kiefer, Jason Liang, Allyson Lu, Justin Ottesen, Thomas Sanders, Taylor Shea, Matthew Song, Daniel Stewart, Kayla Stone, Ivan Sung, and Alex Zhang!  Thank you Mrs. Ottesen, Mrs. Garino, and Mrs. Benschneider!


SchoolsBlanchard Peer Leaders are working with Blanchard Destination Imagination students Pia Pai, Shar Kapasi, and Samira Kapasi in the first annual “Cause for Paws” fundraiser to support local animal shelters. Cat and dog food, pet bedding, cleaning supplies, as well as monetary donations, will be collected in at Blanchard next week. Proceeds will be donated to Pets in Need in Dracut, MA and Nevins Farm, an affiliate of the MSPCA.


Robinson Elementary School  News 

During the Robinson Community Meeting the Pre-First students introduced the Compassion Project, – “Senior Smiles”.  Thanks to the generous donations of Robinson School students and families they successfully packed 40 bags filled with various items to go with meals on wheels program and given out to other Seniors in Westford.  Congratulations to the Pre-First students for their project.


Stony Brook Middle School News

Stony Brook  Principal, Dr. Christopher Chew and a group of 40 students and parents involved in the theater program traveled into Boston recently and attended a production of Sondheim on Sondheim. Dr. Chew has  been performing in the production.  All were given the opportunity to talk with some of the actors after the show. A good time was had by all and the students learned more about theater too.


John Crisafulli Elementary School News

The John Crisafulli Student Council representatives shared the “JAC House Project” for the remainder of the school year will be to donate clean gently used towels, blankets, or dog beds for donation to local animal shelters.  Bring donation to the Crisafulli school and place them in the cardboard replica of “JAC’s House” in the main lobby.