River Road Man Upset After Finding That Purchased Truck Is Too Rusty For Vehicle Registration

The following information came from the Westford Police Department.

Jan. 27, 6:13 p.m. – While on patrol, an officer heading southbound on Russell’s Way spotted pieces of debris in the roadway near a median.

After additional investigation, the officer believed a vehicle had crashed in the area recently, as a nearby traffic sign had also been damaged.

One nearby resident told the officer that he had heard a loud noise at approximately 12:30 a.m., seeing a dark colored sedan hit the rotary before speeding away. However, he said he did not see any property damage due to a lack of light in the area.

Pieces of the vehicle was taken as evidence. No further evidence of the crash was discovered on site. However, it was later discovered that the vehicle pieces came from a Honda.

Three days later, the officer went to Boch Honda West to see if they could identify the vehicle pieces.

In the opinion of experts at Boch Honda, the pieces actually came from an Acura dealership in Nashua. Police contacted that dealership and discovered that a vehicle missing pieces similar to those found by police had brought in for repairs.

The person bringing in the vehicle lived on Morrison Lane in Westford, less than a mile from where the accident happened.

The vehicle, which had been sent to another repair shop, was indeed missing pieces found at the scene of the accident.

Several days later, police caught up with the individual on Morrison Road, who admitted they had hit the traffic sign. That individual was issued a citation.

Jan. 28, 5:19 p.m. – A resident on Powers Road spotted a grey Toyota Camry swerving across lanes before entering Nashoba Valley Ski Area.

After obtaining a license plate number, police discovered the operator of the Camry. The Camry owner was unaware she had swerved across lanes and was extremely apologetic.

She did not appear to be impaired in the opinion of the officer, no further action was taken.

Jan. 28, 5:21 p.m. – One man on River Road sought advice from Westford Police after trying to buy a Ford F250 Super Duty truck from an individual in Florida.

The River Road man had a written contract with the person from Florida indicating that he would pay a $300 deposit on Jan. 17 and $2,200 would be paid the next day when the vehicle was picked up at a garage in Providence.

The River Road man reported that the vehicle in Providence cannot be registered or inspected because most of the frame was rusted and rotted. However, he indicated that he was aware of the damage prior to buying the truck and now he wanted his money back.

In response, the officer told the man that this was a civil matter and he would have to go to court.