The 2016 WestfordCAT Pizza Tournament

Cheese_and_Pepperoni_Pizza_(4825046245)It’s March, and that means it’s tournament time! But at WestfordCAT, our month of madness is all about determining who has the best pizza in Westford.

The voting is completely up to you, and we’re giving extra votes to folks who volunteer here at WestfordCAT, subscribe to our newsletters or follow us on social media.

Click on the links below as they become active to vote and see who’s winning! We’ll announce the winners of each week every Sunday until we declare a champion on April 3.

Preliminary Round: March 7 to 13

In this week, we’ll be narrowing down the field to eight finalists and seeding those eight contestants to see who will go head to head moving forward. Here are the restaurants in town who serve pizza (that we know of!). If we missed any, please let us know by e-mailing [email protected]

  • Domino’s
  • Silver Palate
  • The Willows
  • Pizza Presti
  • Westford House of Pizza
  • Nashoba House of Pizza
  • British Beer Company
  • Evviva Cucina
  • Papa Gino’s
  • DiNapoli’s Pizzeria
  • Sandrino’s

Quarterfinals: March 14 to 20

Sandrino’s and Pizza Presti couldn’t make it out of the first round, and the Willows barely squeaked in after beating DiNapoli’s on a tiebreaker for the eighth and last seed.

Here’s the matchups for this round. We’ll have more information as the week goes by. Make sure to vote!

(#1) Westford House of Pizza  def. (#8) The Willows 169-34

(#2) British Beer Company def. (#7) Domino’s 152-54

(#3) Nashoba House of Pizza def. (#6) Silver Palate 131-89

(#5) Evviva Cucina def. (#4) Papa Gino’s  164-42

Semifinals: March 21 to 27

Only one upset in the quarterfinals, we’re now down to the final four. Get your vote in at the link above!

(#1) Westford House of Pizza def. (#5) Evviva Cucina, 345-273

(#2) Nashoba House of Pizza def. (#3) British Beer Company, 317-281

Finals: March 28 to April 3  and April 4

It all comes down to this: Westford House of Pizza versus Nashoba House of Pizza. Which House of Pizza will be crowned as Westford’s best pizza?