Westford Finished 2015 With Unemployment Under Four Percent

The Commonwealth recently released local unemployment data for the last month of 2015 and Westford’s unemployment rate remained steady.

December’s figures for Westford showed a 3.7 percent unemployment rate, with four more unemployed people since September.

Since that time, Westford has also seen the creation of 30 jobs.

The 3.7 percent rate equals what Westford saw in December 2014 and Westford remains ahead of the Massachusetts 4.6% average.

Among Westford’s neighbors, Acton has a 3.2% rate, Carlisle’s at 3.5%, Chelmsford’s at 4%, Groton’s at 3.3%, Littleton’s at 3.5% and Tyngsborough’s at 4.2%.

Brookline had the lowest unemployment rate in the state at 2.5% and Provincetown had the highest at 24.1%.