Westford Residents Entitled To $1.8 Million In Unclaimed Property

Last week, Massachusetts State Treasurer Deb Goldberg announced that a new group of names has been added to the state’s list of unclaimed property owners and Westford is no exception.

With the update, there are now 22,694 unclaimed pieces of property belonging to Westford residents totaling $1,884,575.30

Approximately 2,000 pieces of property with approximately $600,000 have been claimed in Westford since September.

find lost moneyStatewide, 54,000 new properties have been added to the list.

“Give us a call,” said Goldberg. “We currently hold over $2 billion in unclaimed property at Treasury and it could be yours. One in ten Massachusetts residents are owed money.”

Unclaimed property includes forgotten savings and checking accounts, un-cashed checks, insurance policy proceeds, stocks, dividends, and the contents of unattended safe deposit boxes. Most accounts are considered abandoned and are turned over to the state after three years of inactivity. Last year Treasury returned over $114 million in property to its rightful owners, making the Commonwealth the state to return the most money on a per-capita basis.

This newly released list includes only individuals and businesses with unclaimed property over $100.More information is available at  www.findmassmoney.com or via telephone 888-344-MASS (6277).