New Boston Road Fire Station Architectural Firm Candidates Narrowed Down To Three

The Permanent Town Building Committee is expecting to finalize a new architectural firm for the proposed Boston Road Fire Station on May 10. On Monday, the field of candidates was narrowed down to three.

The Permanent Town Building Committee on April 26

The Permanent Town Building Committee on April 26

After extensive deliberation, the committee’s finalists to replace Dore and Whittier Associates are Kaestel Boos Associates, Donham & Sweeney and The Galante Architecture Studio (TGAS).

All three firms have offices in New England, with Kaestel Boos and Donovan Sweeney present during the process that initially hired Dore and Whittier during the feasibility study phase.

Permanent Town Building Committee Chairman Tom Mahanna believes that the next phase will determining intangible characteristics that can create a successful project.

“It’s kind of the unknown when we go through the interviews, we have to meet the actual team and have a connection,” he said. “We need to establish that connection as we give them the opportunity to focus their presentation on how they’ll be able to get from where we are now to the finish line of the project.”

Within Massachusetts, Kaestle Boos has designed fire stations in Carver, Chatham, and Watertown; Donham and Sweeney has designed or renovated stations in Andover, Belmont and Westport; and TGAS has designed several facilities in Boston.

Interviews are expected to take place next week, with a final decision expected at the Permanent Town Building Committee meeting on May 9, followed by a presentation for approval by the Board of Selectmen on May 10.