LETTER: Martinez Calls Hazelton Incompetent

The following letter to the editor was submitted by Tony Martinez, excerpting and responding to pieces of a letter submitted by Val Wormell. In this letter, Wormell’s comments are in bold.

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Scott stepped forward to defend and protect our constitutional rights as citizens three years ago.


He must have been wearing an invisible coat. I do not see any military service in his resume.


Since that time, he has conducted himself in openness and transparency.


The Drew Farm Negotiations were conducted behind closed door and according to former Selectman Robert Jefferies in violation of Massachusetts’s government contract law and regulations.


Scott explains each issue with clarity and works collegially to find the right solution for Westford. The right solution respects Town Meeting decisions and never compromises our rights.


On 2 April 2016 Annual Town meeting approved an amendment to Article 7 prohibiting the expenditure of $38,500 for the design of a sidewalk on the North side of Main St. from Kirsi Circle terminating across the street from Lil Peach. On the 12 April 2016 Scott Hazelton voted to appropriate $38,500 from a “previous appropriation” to fund the design action that the 2016 ATM had prohibited.


Scott cares about the town and all its residents. From addressing the needs of the disabled, to housing to health and public safety, he continues to seek and promote improvements to the community’s benefit.


Mr. Cully’s letters dispute those assertions at great length. Mr. Cully was Chairman of the Affordable Housing Committee and resigned when the Town Manager and Board of Selectmen could or would not account for $3,000,000 of funds dedicated from Community Preservation Funds for affordable housing.


During his first term, Scott secured lower electricity rates for everyone, opened housing for veterans and helped to establish community gardens. With your continued support, Scott will expand fire and ambulance response time for all sections of Town.


Lower electricity rates resulted from acts of the state legislature and negotiated by the recently departed Assistant Town Manager. I have been told by several residents that they have been given lower rates by competitors of National Grid. Five years ago the Town Manager stated at the Annual Town Meeting that the $400,000 annual deficit in the ambulance account would be reduced to zero by 2015. At the 2016 Annual Town Meeting when asked about the ambulance deficit, the Fire Chief stated “if you take this number and subtract it from this number that would be the deficit for FY17”. A quick thinking town meeting member stated that is over $700,000. A deathly silence fell upon the Town Manager and the Board of Selectmen.


Most importantly, Scott has overseen these improvements in a fiscally responsible manner. He has achieved balance budgets, targeted capital improvements and preserved the Town’s top bond rating. Balancing property taxes with excellent schools and services is his immediate goal.


Balanced local budgets are the law in Massachusetts. Over the last 3 years Westford Municipal coffers have been the recipient of over $3,000,000/year from the local meals and hotel room tax, property growth (Corner Stone) and the annual 2 ½ % increase on the tax base. The Board of Selectmen has no authority over school spending. Town meeting decides the amount to be appropriated for schools, Westford and Neshoba Vocational Technical Regional School.


Scott Hazelton has made a difference in his first term on the Board of Selectmen. A second term will allow even greater improvements. I support Scott and encourage you to vote for him on May 3rd.


Yes!!! Scott Hazelton’s incompetence has made a negative difference over the last 3 years.

His re-election would be a vote for inefficient, secretive and dysfunctional government.