LETTER: Why Were Not Abutters Appointed To Drew Gardens Task Force?

The following is a letter to the editor submitted by June McMorrow. Letters to the editor do not necessarily reflect the views of WestfordCAT or its Board of Directors. To submit your own letter, e-mail [email protected]

Ebi Masalehdan, the Owner/Developer of the 66-68 Boston Rd, the former Drew Gardens property continues to receive coverage in the local press in which he talks about bringing a scaled down, smaller version of the bar/banquet hall/restaurant back to the Town and its various boards and committees for reconsideration. Mr. Masaledhan is scheduled to appear before the Westford Board of Selectman at this week’s meeting with a new proposal.

A smaller version of the 49,500 square foot facility would also require a change to the Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR). Efforts to alter the APR will continue to be fought vigorously by many in our community.

I am eager to know more about the Drew Gardens Task Force. Apparently after being made aware of the “redevelopment” proposal, the Task Force recommended against the Town purchasing the property at 66-68 Boston Road. Because that choice is so profound, I am curious what considerations the Task Force actually made in their decision making process? Because their recommendation has far reaching implications which will affect our homes and quality of life, I wonder why five residents, abutters and neighbors, who had applied to be on the Task Force were not among those selected to review the pertinent issues?

Should Mr. Masaledhan decide to abandon the restaurant idea, I would like to see that a new Task Force will be convened. I am hopeful that the participation of abutters and neighbors will be included in this process. In addition, I ask that the Task Force will be charged with developing practical alternatives that might uphold the intent of the APR.