New From CAT: Karate Walls, Astrology, Cyclic Meditation and Ten Graniteville Facts

Here’s a quick look at some recent new productions now airing on WestfordCAT!

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CAT Tracks – Kessler Karate Academy Knocks Down A Wall!

Located right next to The Westford House of Pizza on Main Street, Kessler Karate Academy has expanded their indoor space recently with acquisition of the next door neighbors space! Here is a short highlight reel of the wall coming down and the excitement of the young Ninjas to be!

Hello Westford! – Cyclic Meditation

Certified Yoga Instructor/Certified Yoga Therapist, Samita Apte, demonstrates the how to use Cyclic Mediation to relax and add inner peace to your life.

Round Roudy – Chris Flisher

Join Ellen and Donna as they talk astrology with Chris Flisher.

And in case you missed it last week…

Geoff Hall’s History of Graniteville presentation is now available on our Youtube Channel. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s five fun facts about Graniteville’s history you might not have known!

#1. – Graniteville was originally known as “Stone Quarry” due to the quarries located in the area.

#2. – Graniteville once was adjacent to the Acton and Nashua Railroad, which was known as “the Red Line” due to its inability to make money.

#3. – St. Catherine’s was originally a wood-frame church located across the street from its current location where the parking lot for St. Catherine’s is now located.

#4. – The Mill Pond was created after dams were built to power the nearby Abbot and Sargent Mills.

#5. – Graniteville was the home of professional female baseball player Noella “Pinky” Alverson (Leduc)