Roudenbush Gets $100k From Cummings Foundation

On Monday, the Roudenbush Community Center announced that it has received a $100,000 grant from the Cummings Foundation to ensure that its three playgrounds can become accessible to handicapped children.

The drive to make each of the playgrounds ADA compliant became a goal for Roudenbush Community Center Director Patti Pichette after noticing a young paralyzed boy who was unable to play with his peers.

At the Frost School’s playground as well as the Liz Mayer and Patti Mason Playgrounds, the sand will be replaced with a rubberized material, handicapped-accessible benches will be installed and various old pieces of equipment will be removed in favor of newer equipment that is more accommodating to disabled children.

(courtesy - Roudenbush Community Center)

(courtesy – Roudenbush Community Center)

The grant is the third Westford grant in the Cummings Foundation’s “$100k for 100” program, which gives $100,000 to 100 non-profit organizations throughout the Boston area each year.

In 2014, Friends of the East Boston Camps were recipients from the program, and in 2015 money was awarded to the Friends of the Cameron Senior Center.

An award certificate will be given to Roudenbush from the Cummings Foundation in a ceremony at the Roudenbush Community Center on June 9.