Should Homework Be Abolished? Westford’s Toastmasters Gavel Club Will Debate It

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Should homework be abolished? That is the question to be debated at a special community debate run by kids on Wednesday, June 8th 2016, 4:30 – 6:00 PM at the J.V. Fletcher Library, 50 Main St., Westford, MA.

Gavel Club Speakers, a public speaking group for children ages 9 to 17, runs all year long helping members to speak and lead with confidence. Based on the Toastmasters International non-profit public speaking and leadership program, the club helps members grow their skills in writing speeches, delivering and evaluating them, and practicing leadership – all in a fun environment.

The benefits of debate include:

·      Increasing learners’ confidence, poise, and self-esteem.

·      Providing an engaging, active, learner-centered activity.

·      Improving rigorous higher order and critical thinking skills.

·      Enhancing the ability to structure and organize thoughts.

·      Enhancing learners’ analytical, research and note-taking skills.

·      Improving learners’ ability to form balanced, informed arguments and to use reasoning and evidence.

·      Encouraging teamwork.

Gavel Club Speakers meets Every Wednesday, 4:30 – 5:30 PM. This special debate event is free and open to the public. Visit to RSVP and learn more.