Westford Over-30 Softball League Avoids Rainouts As Season Continues

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Westford Over 30 Softball was able to complete every game this week without a cancellation due to rain.  The Mustangs continue to lead the pack both in wins and runs scored.  Willis Tent and Short Cuts have also started strong and look to be ready to battle each other closely throughout the season.  Several teams continue to get their first win.
Mustangs 22 – Floral Arts 8
The Mustangs continued to roll hammering the once formidable Floral Arts squad by 14. Mustangs hit nine homeruns, two over the league limit, including Bill Knute and Mike Kennedy with two apiece, one each by Don Cusano, Jack Erickson, and Keith Reynolds. Jim Ward added 4 hits. and Don Cusano was again the winning pitcher, Mark Cusano had a nice sliding catch in the outfield. Floral’s Rob Beaudette went 2-for-3 with a two-run homer, Simon Tripp went 2-for-3 with two homers and four RBI, and Roger Whittlesey stroked a two-run home run, knocking in Dave Janowsky, who went 2-for-3.
Short Cut 10  – Burtons 6
In their first game of the season, Short Cuts edged Burtons by four runs in what was a close game throughout.  Short Cuts used a five run inning to gain the lead and hold on for the duration. For Burtons, Jerod Colley went 2 for 3 with a three run home run , Charlie Chungu went 3 for 3 with a double and two runs scored, and Peter Murano, Dave Batchhelder and Greg Fitzpatrick all going 2 for 3.  Defensively, Fitzpatrick teamed up with left fielder Eric Cataline to throw out a Short Cut base runner at 3rd and first baseman Batch made a nifty stop and throw to second to catch an advancing runner.  Rick Waldron  pitched a great game in holding the Short Cut  offense to just ten runs over  seven innings.
Drew Farms 22 – Healy Oil 19
Healy Oil battled hard but lost to a very good Drew Farms team 22-19. 19 runs wins most games but not tonight.  Healy Oil rookie Matt Dowling went 5-5 with a solo shot over left center.  Bruce Wilhelm had a solo shot in the third inning and another solo shot in the bottom of the seventh. Dave O’Keefe also added a solo homerun in the fifth. Rookie Nick Wilmot took the mound for the first time for Healy as well.
Mustangs 17 – CSA 0
The Mustangs are outscoring even the red hot Red Sox and quickly pummeled CSA by 17 while allowing no runs scored against them.  For the second time in as many nights, the Mustangs hit nine homeruns, including two by Mike Kennedy, one each by Paul Selfrige, Don Cusano, Bill Knute, Mark Cusano, and ex-Burton…Keith Reynolds.  Paul Ligouri’s 3 year unbeaten string continued on the mound for the winners who also turned 2 infield double plays.  Ligouri threw a two hit shutout for the win and fielded his position flawlessly. CSA can feel good that they held Mustangs to their lowest run total of the early season. And, the 17 Mustang runs matched the number of at bats had by CSA.  Of the 12 guys playing for CSA, seven were rookies getting their welcome into the league by the Mustangs tutorial.
Short Cuts 13 – Floral Arts 5
On a rainy Friday night, Shortcut Landscaping used both power and speed to defeat Floral Arts, 13-5. Jason Humphrey, Mike Gross, David Sullivan, and Steve Jacobson all homered for Shortcuts, and Sullivan used his speed in other at-bats to turn singles into doubles. Jeff Moore played well defensively at third base for Floral, ranging and making several nice catches on pop ups, and also turning a 5-to-3 double play with the bases loaded in the third inning. Larry Mardany (2-for-2 with a walk), and Simon Tripp (2-for-3) each homered for Floral.
Willis Tent 10 – Drew Farms 7
Both teams got off to a slow start, with Drews scoring one run in the 1st inning and two in the second and Willis scoring one run in the second. Third inning, Willis offense exploded for seven runs. Taking a ten to six lead into going into the 7th inning. Drews attempted  a comeback but Willis defense held strong, holding Drews to just one run in the bottom of the 7th.  Willis wins over Drews  10 to 7.  Willis pitcher  Rob Swinamer pitched a stellar game with three strikeouts, holding Drews to just seven runs.  Rob also contributed on offense  with a 3 for 3 night,  two homeruns, a single and a base on balls. Roger Neild and Rick Devanna each contributed to the Willis win with home runs of their own.
Burtons 16 – PST 9
Burtons posted their first win of the season beating PST by seven during yet another game effected by rain. Burtons was led by rookie Charlie Chungo with two home runs and eight RBIs and Jerod Colley with his second two-run homerun in as many games. John Geary went 3-3 with a sacrifice fly and two RBIs.  Tim Scott again paced the Burtons defense with many outstanding catches in the outfield.  PST started slowly but put on a strong showing in the top of the seventh with two homerun blasts including one by Pedroia lookalike second year player Steele.
Burtons 16 – CSA 6
Holding CSA to runs in just a single inning, Burtons tallied its second win of the young season and brought their record to .500 at 2-2. Led by two blasts from Dave Batchelder and solo shots from both Eric Cataline and Tim Scott, Burtons put together an efficient win with runs in every inning but one.  Brian Colamore also chipped in with an opposite field triple and two RBIs. For CSA ,Jeff Bernier went 3 for 3, Jim DeMarco went 2 for 4 with a homerun and two RBIs, and rookies Tim Greenwood and Ryan Nolet had two RBIs a piece.
Willis Tent 21  Healy Oil 6
Coming off of strong 2015 campaign, Willis Tent dominated Healy Oil by a convincing 21-6 margin.  For Healy, Wayne Meadows had a 2 run shot over the right field fence and Bill Eaton had a 3 run blast over the center field fence, but overall Healy could couldn’t match Willis’ bats. Cam Santana and Wayne Meadows shared pitching duties for Healy. Next up for Healy Oil is Drew Farms on Wednesday night.
Mustangs 19 Burtons Grill 6
The reigning champion Mustangs again brought their dominant offensive and defensive talent and handed an “improved on paper” Burtons team an opening night defeat.    The Mustangs were led by Paul Selfrige 3-3 with 2 homeruns and 5 RBIs, left handed power Bill Knute also with a 3-3 night, 2 homeruns and 3 RBIs, and Don Cusano 3-3, 1 homerun, 3 RBIs, along with a solid pitching performance.  Jack Erickson played well in the field for Mustangs as all were challenged by wet conditions.  Burtons were led by John Russo with a 3 run homerun to lead off his seaon, and newcomer Eric Cataline had a double and two runs scored.  Dave Batchelder played a solid first base given the challenging conditions.
Drew Farms 17 Pro Sports Therapy 4
In the third and final mercy rule win of the evening, Drew Farms led the whole way and had PST by 13 runs after five innings. A new look PST team couldn’t keep up with the hot bats brought on by the Drew Farms squad. While PST has many new faces, it is worth noting the newcomer Brian Dubey hit his first HR and despite the messy field and wet weather, PST turned their first DP of the season.  Pro Sports tries to get back on track versus Burtons Grill next Friday night.