Free Designated Drivers On June 25 For Westford Residents

The nation’s largest designated driver service announced this week that it will be offering free designated drivers to Westford residents and others within the Boston area on Saturday, June 25.

“Be My Designated Driver,” or BeMyDD is offering their services for free in 24 urban areas across the country.

“Social responsibility is a huge priority for us” said Arthur Simanovsky, BeMyDD president and CEO. “We’re always looking for ways to make finding a designated driver easier than getting behind the wheel. The 24-City Designated Driver Tour is our biggest opportunity yet to positively impact communities all over the United States, and we are excited to make the Boston area an important stop on our tour across the country.”

Westford residents can learn more about the program, see the other cities on the tour schedule, and read instructions for receiving free car pickup on June 25th by visiting