Police Respond To Reported Market Basket Panhandler

The following information came from the Westford Police Department. Anyone accused of a crime is innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law.

April 25, 4:56 p.m. – An officer was dispatched to Market Basket for reports of a woman allegedly pan handling. The woman had left the area after entering the store four to five times asking customers for money.

The woman was spotted nearby at Westford Liquor and Spirits. She said she was from Lowell and took the bus here to try and obtain money for food.

She was given a verbal no-trespassing order to Market Basket, which she said she understood. She then went to a bus stop nearby to return to Lowell.

Market Basket officials were informed and thanked the officer for his time.

June 2, 10:28 a.m. – A woman from Torrington Lane called the Westford Police Department after receiving a phone call.

The person said the caller said she owes $7,500 to the Internal Revenue Service. After telling the caller that she didn’t have that type of money, she was transferred to another person who said she owes $1,000 and could get a pre-paid $300 Visa card and send it to them.

Police told the woman not to send any money to the caller. They then tried to call the person who called the woman. The person who picked up the phone could not properly pronounce “Internal Revenue Service” and eventually hung up.

June 5, 4:20 a.m. – Police were dispatched to the corner of Greenwood and Old Lowell roads to speak with a man seeking legal advice.

The man said he wanted to press charges for an alleged assault in Salem, NH. However, he was unsure where in Salem the assault occurred, only stating that the street sounded like “Hyatt”. He was advised to contact Salem Police.

Additionally, the man said that he had belongings still inside an ex-girlfriend’s house on Greenwood Road. At the time of the call, the man believed the girlfriend was at the location in Salem where the alleged assault occurred.

The man also said that he was worried about the ex-girlfriend’s well-being and also requested police be present when he retrieve his items.

According to police reports, the man appeared to be intoxicated and confused. The reports also indicated he went quickly from calm to anger.

He was taken back to a friend’s house where he could stay until he was less intoxicated.

Officers called Salem Police Dispatch, who were unable to discern any streets sounding like “Hyatt.”