Shirley Woman Banned From WVM Paper Store

The following information came from the Westford Police Department. Anyone accused of a crime is innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law.

April 17, 7:19 p.m. – An officer was dispatched to the Paper Store at Westford Valley Marketplace for alleged shoplifting.

Upon arrival, an employee said she observed a 5’5 brunette woman wearing UGG boots and a sweatshirt. She was looking at jewelry and was trying to move bracelets from one display to another.

The employee asked if the woman needed any assistance, but the woman said no. The woman was allegedly holding an Olympia Sports bag and a closed backpack which the she saw the woman open near the bracelet displays.

The woman purchased a t-shirt and a cloth, but the merchandise alarm went off when she tried to leave the store.

After investigation, two items valued at a combined $84 were found within the woman’s bags. The woman immediately left the area, it was unclear if she tried to escape with the items.

Police talked to employees at Olympia Sports, also in the plaza, and noted that the woman purchased three items and did not see her attempt to shoplift.

It was discovered that the woman lived in Shirley, and officers called police in Shirley to see if they could find the woman. The woman told Shirley police that she could not come to meet with Westford Police until the next day. She did not arrive on the next day.

Police attempted to contact the woman several more times, reaching her on April 22. At this point the woman admitted that she stole the items and regretted her actions. On April 25, the woman arrived at the Westford Police Station and explained what occurred.

She was later issued a summons and was also issued a verbal no trespassing order to the Paper Store.

April 19, 3:04 p.m. – A woman called police to complain about a sprinkler service company. She told police that after replacing several damaged sprinkler heads, it was discovered that the damage came from water coming out of the overflow valve.

The woman said this was from frozen water in nearby pipes, which should have been removed during winterization services with the sprinkler company.

She was informed of options she could pursue in court.

April 19, 10:18 p.m. – While on patrol, an officer spotted a car that had struck a tree on Forge Village Road.

The driver of the car was bleeding and airbags inside the car had been deployed.

Although the woman was in a semi-conscious state, she told police that her husband had called several times before the crash.

She was later mailed several citations related to the crash and was sent to an undisclosed hospital for surgery related to her injuries.