Concert performed on July 1 at Westford House. WESTFORDCAT PHOTO

VIDEO DIARY: Here’s What to Watch This Week from WestfordCAT

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Volunteer and staff producers and editors have been busy at WestfordCAT bringing you a group of new productions to view:

Historical Houses of Main Street – In this presentation sponsored by the Westford Historical Society, resident Ellen Harde chronicles the development of Main Street, from the first Abbot houses to the street’s current appearance today.

Personal Finance Playbook  – There’s one major purchase for which people spend more time than planning for retirement. And we all feel we deserve it – a vacation! Join Jack Wang for tips on how to make smart choices and stretch your vacation dollar.


The Miller School Celebration of Community Night –  As a follow up to the performances of the Celebration of Community Night, this program hopes to examine the origins of the night, as well as to hear from teachers and parents on how the night affects them all. Produced and edited by resident Dongchun Wang.

Westford House Concert – On July 1, 2017, a group of student and professional musicians gave a concert at the Westford House, a local nursing home located at Route 110 in Westford, Massachusetts. This was the group’s second visit to the nursing home as a community service endeavor. WCAT volunteer Dongchun Wang captured video of the event as well as brief interviews with the chamber coach and several students in the group. Produced and edited by resident Dongchun Wang.