Almost 900 were inside the Abbot School gymnasium for annual Town Meeting on March 25. PHOTO BY SARAH FLETCHER

Warrant Closed for Special Town Meeting, Oct. 16

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There were 316 voters deciding 12 articles and two resolutions at Westford's special Town Meeting, Oct. 17. PHOTO BY JOYCE PELLINO CRANE

Residents gather at a recent town meeting. PHOTO BY JOYCE PELLINO CRANE


With 16 pending articles, selectmen closed the special Town Meeting warrant on Sept. 12.

Over the next three meetings, the board will invite representatives from various interest groups to make presentations of the related articles, said Selectman Chairman Andrea Peraner-Sweet.

The articles are as follows:

Article 1 – Approve unpaid bills from previous fiscal year(s).

Article 2 – Fiscal 2018 budget adjustments.

Article 3 – Fiscal 2018 budget transfers

Article 4 – Fiscal 2018 capital appropriation.

Article 5 – Amend the wage and classification plan.

Article 6 – Amend revolving bylaw – Chapter 138.1 – This article pertains to the Recycling Commission’s revolving fund and the purchase and sale of composters and toters, as well as the cost of providing education about recycling.

Article 7 – Reduce amount raised by taxes in fiscal 2018. This article seeks to take specific amounts from available funds and to direct the town’s assessors to reduce the net amount to be raised by taxation in the current fiscal year.

Article 8 – Placeholder – Accept Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 59, Section 5(41C) to increase the property tax exemption amount for qualified residents.

Article 9 – Placeholder – Accept Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 33, Section 59, effect of military service on salary, seniority and leave allowances of public employees.

Article 10  – Approve Community Preservation Committee recommendations.

Article 11 – Amend Chapter 124 to change the title from “Public Consumption of Marijuana” to “Marijuana,” and add a section to prohibit the sale of recreational marijuana.


Article 12 – Add a new Section 8.7 of the town’s zoning bylaw to prohibit the sale of recreational marijuana, amend Section 10.2 general definitions, and amend appendix A table of principal use regulations.

Article 13 – Add a new Section 8.7 of the town’s zoning bylaw to create a temporary moratorium on recreational marijuana establishments and amend section 10.2 general definitions.

Article 14 – Amend Section 9.4 site plan review, Section 10.2 general definitions and appendix A to include a limited site plan review for solar fields / large solar facilities.

Article 15 – Amend Section 3.1 to allow for multiple principal uses on a single lot and amend Section 10.2 definitions.

Article 16 – Transfer custody of a parcel on Acton Road from the Tax Possession Sales Committee  to the Conservation Commission.

Special Town Meeting takes place on Monday, Oct. 16 at 7:30 p.m. at the Abbot School, 25 Depot St. A quorum of 200 is required to open the meeting.