MAJOR’S REAL ESTATE TIPS: When is the Best Time to List My House?

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I want to put my house on the market in the spring.  When should I list it?

Great question.

So many people want to list once the weather becomes more moderate and the flowers begin to pop making the spring market a pretty one that tells us we’ve made it through another winter. This means we expect the market to really begin to hop from mid March to mid April depending upon the weather.

But is this always a decision that’s in your best interest?

In our neck of the woods, sometimes the best answer for you, the seller, depends on the winter we are having. Is there an unusual amount of snow and ice to deal with?  Do you have a level driveway, an unusually long driveway or is it a climb up or down to get to your house? If your driveway is in any way approaching “extreme” in its length or grade, you may want to wait until the weather becomes a bit more moderate, so the driveway doesn’t appear to be as much of a focal point for your buyer. If your driveway is sloping but not extremely so, you should be fine with an earlier listing during the still snowy weather.

Another key point to consider is the housing inventory and the activity in the buyer pool.  Are there a lot of buyers out house hunting in January and February, and do they have very little from which to choose? If so, you may want to forget your dream of spring flowers and take advantage of a market that may result in a higher sale price (sometime with multiple offers) in a shorter amount of time.  It’s important to remember that many corporations like to have their new hires in place by the end of January, making the deep part of winter a surprising opportunity for a seller ready to go on the market when the time is best for them!

In recent years, we’ve experienced a lack of inventory especially in the late winter to early spring months.  It’s in every seller’s best interest to get ahead of the many tasks required to go on the market so you can be ready to take advantage of a low inventory/high buyer demand early selling season!

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Cheryl Major, Realtor

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