School Safety to be Topic of Discussion, March 12, at Stony Brook

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Superintendent Everett V. Olsen released the following statement on March 5:
Due to the reoccurring violence, specifically school violence, that has taken place in our country in recent years, it is time for us to join as a community for open dialogue on what Westford is doing to best protect our school community.

During our next School Committee meeting on Monday night, March 12, I, along with our building principals and public safety officials, will devote the first 90 minutes to school security.  As parents and educators, it is something that we think about and plan for everyday of the school year. School safety is a community effort; a topic that deserves attention, conversation and understanding.

I look forward to our discussion on Monday night from 7 to 8:30 p.m. and urge you to participate.  In order to accommodate a large audience, the School Committee meeting will be held in the Stony Brook Auditorium.