MAJOR’S REAL ESTATE TIPS: Clean House Puts Your Home’s Best Foot Forward

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So many times I’ve heard buyers comment on how clean and well-maintained, or not, a home is.

Today I want to share what you should focus on when getting your home ready for sale regarding cleaning.  Especially if, for whatever reason, you’ve decided not to do updates, presenting a sparkling clean house is so important.

Washing the walls, baseboard molding, and other trim is a great investment of your time. If you removed wallpaper, you saw the mess around all the moldings.  If you didn’t get a chance to remove wallpaper, you may want to do it now.  You’ll be surprised how much grime you find when you take a close look at the baseboards and other trim around your walls and floors.  Even in a very clean home, grime happens.

Be sure to remove greasy walls, evidence of stubborn spills, smudges, and smears.  No matter what you’re faced with, a day spent cleaning up the biggest surfaces in your home – the walls – is well worth the effort.  And…don’t forget to clean the areas around your light switches where dirty fingers leave their marks!

Even the cleanest looking walls can be covered with a layer of dust and pollen.  This sort of dirt may not be obvious, but it can give an overall dull look to the walls.  With a step stool or ladder and some soft rags or microfiber cloths, a simple dusting from top to bottom will knock down the loose stuff.  A careful check of the corners, for cobwebs is very important.

As you’re working your way down the walls, don’t forget to wipe down the doors and the trim around the doors.  The trim around the windows should also be wiped down.  Anywhere that dust and dirt can collect on trim and moldings around and along the walls of your house need to be wiped down. Once you’ve covered all the big surfaces, you’ll want to remove smudges, fingerprints, and crayon graffiti with an appropriate cleaner.

Don’t forget the baseboards.  Somehow baseboard moldings become the catcher of juice, pet hair, food particles, hairspray, and plenty of unidentified globs.  It is like a little magnet running the length of the room; and it’s not just in the kitchen, it’s all through the house. So be prepared…

To clean around the baseboards, you or someone else will need to get on your hands and knees and get down on the floor with your favorite cleaning product.  Choose a good cleaner, simple soap and hot water or your favorite “green” product. Move from room to room and get those baseboards clean and glob free!

You really don’t want a mystery substance stuck to a wall or baseboard.  I guarantee, if it’s there, today’s buyer will see it.  Be ready for their inspection so they will be ready with an offer!

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