CHERYL A. MAJOR: Getting Off Antidepressants

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As I get closer to finishing my book, which is the focal point of my work at the moment, I am on high alert for great information to pass along to you about depression including getting off antidepressants.

If you have ever taken antidepressants as I have and have tried to get off them, as I have, you know it’s not an easy thing to do.  It takes some time, can be dangerous and gives you some nasty side effects along the way.

I have a friend who has been on them for decades and cannot get off them. She has tried repeatedly and has not yet been successful.

Dr. Marc Micozzi, a medical anthropologist and epidemiologist, has written a really good article that I have to share with you.

Here it is in part:

“The New York Times recently ran a tragic story on the difficulty millions of people are experiencing when it comes to ‘withdrawing’ from antidepressant drugs.

And no wonder people want to get off these drugs! For one, the latest research consistently shows they’re not much more effective than a placebo.

Secondly, they have been found to cause serious harm…I’m talking heart disease, organ damage, breast cancer, and bleeding in the brain. Not to mention an increased risk of serious mental health conditions like suicidal thoughts, aggression, psychosis, mania, hallucinations, and mass violence.

Plus, many women who took antidepressants while they were pregnant gave birth to children with significant birth defects.

Of course, big pharma made sure to keep evidence of these dangers out of the press. And even out of the medical literature…

It’s shameful.   … mainstream medicine routinely publishes and endorses these flawed drug studies, as long as they support the fashionable (and profitable) mainstream approach. But they immediately discount any well-designed study that shows the benefits of natural treatment.”

It’s so worth it for you to read in its entirety, and it is important information about getting off antidepressants, so here’s the link to the entire article.

I have my free Focus Guide for Depression to share with you today as well.

Did you know antidepressants were originally intended for short-term treatment, not for years of management of the symptoms of depression?  Just long enough to help someone get through a crisis and no longer.

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