CHERYL A. MAJOR: Who Does the Food Shopping?

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Who does your food shopping?

I don’t mean when you go to the store with someone else.  I mean when you go by yourself, who is choosing what food to buy. Is it the person you were as a child, is it the young person who ate with no cares about weight or about the affect foods can have on your health, or is it the person you are today?

It’s important to think about how you grew up with food, about eating patterns and habits and about whether they serve your health as the person you are now. Do you make conscious deliberate decisions about what to eat, or do you make decisions out of habit?

I think most of us were raised to shop the entire grocery store… just go up and down the aisles and shop that way.   Do you know where the best areas of the grocery store are relative to healthy eating? Where will you find the healthiest food to buy and eat?  The fact is that it’s best to shop the perimeter of the store.  That’s where you’ll find the most whole foods and the least processed food.  Go to your market in your mind right now and envision the perimeter of the store.  You’ll realize that’s where you’ll find fruits, vegetables, meats and fish, eggs and dairy.  The dangerous places for your weight and your health are the middle isles.  That’s where we all can get into trouble with chips and cookies, crackers, cakes mixes and soda!

Those processed foods are highly addictive with tons of sugar, highly processed flour (that turns to sugar while you’re still chewing), gluten and preservatives.  That’s the stuff you’ll crave that will get you into trouble with your weight and your long term health.  When did you last crave a cucumber or a tomato?  When did you last crave your favorite cookies or a bag of crispy chips? These manufactured foods are designed in laboratories to be addictive.

I’m not saying you can never have these; most of us, myself included, fall off the wagon from time to time.  But, it’s not in your best interest to live off the wagon.

As you continue on a healthy eating journey, you will course correct and add and subtract different foods.  It’s a process, and it’s one that is a lifelong learning adventure.

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