Special Town Meeting Tidbits: Voter Charges Town Officials with Taxation Without Representation; Selectmen are Now Called ‘Select Board;’ Revolving Fund for Farmers Market

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Here are a couple of tidbits from special Town Meeting on Oct. 28.

Dennis Galvin

Finance Committee member Dennis Galvin argued that the new fee is taxation without representation and he sought to convince voters not to approve the software. But a harsh reaction to his argument caused him to leave the microphone.


“Sit down!” shouted a few men seated inside the gymnasium. The confrontational language went unchecked.

Select Board

In other special Town Meeting news, the Board of Selectmen got approval for a charter change to reflect neutral language in their titles. The three men and two women will now be called Select Board members.

Revolving Fund for Farmers Market

Voters approved the creation of a revolving fund fund for the Farmers Market. The measure passed by a majority vote.

UPDATE – An introductory statement was added to this story. Also added was the information about the Farmers Market. The headline was changed to reflect the brevity of the content.