ADOPTABLE PET: Home Wanted for this Marble Tabby with a Special Need

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Video by Patty Stocker

Kirby is an almost 2-year-old, male marble tabby cat in need of a home that can assist him with his special need – he is blind. Although this affectionate and playful young cat has a condition that doesn’t allow his brain to connect to what his retina is seeing, as described by the Lowell Humane Society’s Marketing and Fundraising Manager, Crystal Arnott, it does not limit his inquisitiveness or activity level. Arnott revealed that when Kirby was surrendered to the shelter, his previous owners were not aware he had a vision condition.

“(Kirby) can see some things through the light, but doesn’t actually have any vision – just the fragments of light that comes through his eyes,” describes Arnott. “For a blind cat, he gets around really well. He loves to play and tries his hardest to chase mice, but he doesn’t always succeed.”

The staff describes Kirby as incredibly affectionate; he loves to cuddle on laps. He will need a slow introduction to new surroundings, people, and pets. Despite his vision issues, Kirby is litter box trained. Kirby is available now for adoption at the

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