Nor’easter A Cappella Singers to Perform at Westford Academy

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In only a few days, the Nor’Easters A Cappella group, originating out of Northeastern University, will perform at Westford Academy.

The Jan. 18 event begins at 7 p.m. with a performance by the Westford Academy Chamber Players, followed by the WA Pep Band. Admission is $25 per person.

“And then the A Cappella players will come on. Very exciting,” Tierney said. [Continue reading below.]


The Events and Publicity Coordinator from Fame said that before the performance begins, students in grades 5 through 12 is invited to participate in a workshop with the Nor’easters,” said Heidi Tierney, events and publicity coordinator for F.A.M.E. — Friends Advancing Music Education.

The song, “September,” by Earth, Wind and Fire will be performed by the students at the end of the event.

Tierney, who spoke on the set of Main Street with host Joyce Pellino Crane, said it was a shortage of volunteers that ended the organization’s popular dinner dance a few years ago. Volunteers in general are slipping away, she added, noting the younger generation is not picking up the slack.

According to Tierney, there are more than 200 non profit organizations registered with the state, and while she doubts many are active, she encouraged residents to get involved. “It’s another way to interact with people,” she said.

“What happens with these programs that don’t have the support–it becomes an after school program. And that’s by a fee,” said Tierney.

The events coordinator pointed out the benefits of learning to play music.

“Music education is really important…It’s important because emotionally it helps with brain development” Tierney said.

As for volunteering…

“I would plead that everybody help out a little,” she said.