VIDEO: Westford Academy Graduate and UConn Sophomore Hosts STEM For Girls Program Focusing on Global Outreach

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Video by Patty Stocker

In this episode of STEM For Girls By Girls in STEM, Westford Academy graduate and UConn sophomore, Serena Beri, talks about the importance of piloting STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) global outreach programs to underprivileged countries. Beri and her guests share their experiences of providing supplies, conducting robotic workshops, and teaching fundraising skills to schools in Argentina, Rwanda, India, Ghana, Kenya, and Hong Kong.

“Outreach is a very important part of robotics because we are able to bring STEM and new ideas to teams and countries who may not have had these resources before,” explains Beri. “Through outreach, I have been able to network with many kids and gain their interest in robotics by creating a network of future STEM leaders. We might not share the same culture or language, but we do share the same passion for STEM.”

This is Beri’s fifth episode in a series of 10 she has planned to air on WestfordCAT.

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